5 SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2021: Improve Blog Ranking

5 SEO Techniques to be concentrated to improve blog ranking – SEO tips from SEO BLOGGING


If you are an SEO Expert, or an SEO Company, or doing SEO by yourself for your blog or E-commerce site, then you should need to read this article and you should take action immediately if you follow these 5 SEO techniques primarily to improve your blog ranking.

I am going to share here my findings over the internet, which needs to be concentrated on by all webmasters and bloggers in 2021.

SEO Techniques to Avoid

You should understand WHAT works and What Not to make your website or blog healthy. If you are not concentrating on this, then you could be honing your site in 2021.

Spammy Guest Post, Too much anchor Text, Large Back links from thin sites (these practices need to be stopped immediately)


Method 1: Avoid Spammy Guest Blogging

This is the first SEO Techniques, I am going to explain here that helps you increase your blog ranking.

I am receiving many emails from Content Writers, Blog Owner’s asking for a chance to publish their article on my blog, to get a backlink from my blog.

Guest blogging was one of the best ever strategy that most SEO Firms and bloggers follow to get worthy backlinks to their blog or website. But doing so in High quantity could harm your site as Matt Cutts says.

Writing so many articles for Guest blogging could harm your site ranking.

Why I am saying “Avoid Guest Blogging” was? Because when you are about to read the article content in a blog published by a Guest author you can notice that the content focuses mainly on a particular keyword stuffed in them for the site to be backlinked.

As this gives a poor experience to the user, Google will consider this as a violation and start to penalize your site pages linked with the article.

Publishing your Guest article in the site irrelevant to your Site niche also causes harm. For example, if you have written an article “How to make money online” and published the article to a Cookery site or Restaurant info providing a site will cause you to leat to penalty action.

If you receive such emails asking permission to publish an article, accept only if it values your own blog readers otherwise simply avoid the Email and move them to trash.

See, I am not asking to STOP Guest posting but to take some necessary action before writing Guest posting which could be safe to both the sites.

Important Points to Remember before writing a Guest post:

  • Never use Optimized Keyword Anchor Text for backlinking.
  • Do not use Longtail Keyword for backlinking.
  • Write only Relevant posts to the site you are about to publish your article.
  • Write an article of more than 1500 Words or more, add suitable images, supporting videos, even statistical data, etc. that could insist on visitors’ engagement.

Tough Guest Posting is an important SEO techniques to improve your blog ranking, USE with caution.


Method 2: Over Optimization of Anchor Texts

I see many people practicing Do-follow link submission in High PR directories, Forums, etc. Linking back to a site using Optimized Anchor text has boosted a site’s SEO. But now, it becomes a case to be filed under penalty as Google Says.

Many people use to take part in Forum Discussions, blog commenting, etc. but while doing so when you read their reply for a topic you can see an optimized anchor text pointing to their site. Optimized Anchor text I mean here was the primary keyword that the site needs to be ranked.

Once it was awarded as a success, but today it might bring you a warning or penalty. Check Google Warnings against Link Scheme documents.

A sample example presented here:
Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites. For example:
There are many wedding rings on the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring. You will also need to buy flowers and a wedding dress.

If you have done any actions depicting this incident, please stop using this as it will ruin your site SEO and may lead to possessing algorithmic penalty which turns your site extremely Risky.

Internal link building is also one of the used SEO Techniques by many webmasters following. Whenever you write an article for your site, remember to provide internal links to other articles but do not with using Primary Keywords or other long-tail keywords.

So you might catch with confusion, then how can I use Anchor Text? And what Anchor Text can I use to link back to my site?

I can give you some best example:

Use direct URL for linking: www.seobloggingtricks.com

Brand Names for linking: SEO blogging

Long grammatical phrases for linking: Use Lengthy sentences with 5 – 6 Words or 55Characters in length to link back.

Anchor links are important, but Optimized links may lead to a penalty.


Method 3: Building a Large Quantity of Backlinks

As a saying, the more backlinks, the more ranking your site will reach?

If you go for an SEO company, you may come to know this saying, “Purchasing backlinks from a reputed blog or PR 10 blog”.

Purchasing a Backlink is a pretty simple and easy task. Say you can purchase one link for $50 from a PR 5 blog for a lifetime.

You can see a dozen of backlinks pointing to your site if you hand over your site to an SEO firm. Also gain First-page rank quickly.

SEO firms mostly follow these SEO Techniques to create backlinks to their client sites but this might no longer support your blog SEO and it may ruin the entire site. This practice is called Link (Farming) Building.

Link building is still being important SEO techniques and considered a ranking factor in SEO, but too much link building could harm your site.

You cannot purchase links from all sites. Choose a site with good DA and PA more than your site was better to get a link back.

Get backlinks from old domains whose age is more than 2 Years and having decent daily page views with a good domain reputation.

With this practice, you can gain rank in a very shorter period of time but it won’t give hands for the long run. Sooner you may be caught and punished by Google Penguin.

Never ask for backlinks from:

  • Low DA sites,
  • Sites with penalized links & pages,
  • Never work to get too many backlinks in a shorter time.


Method 4: Too Many Links with Anchor Text

Keyword Stuffing is one of the oldest SEO techniques followed to gain ranking for a Keyword in Search Engine Result Pages. It is a practice of writing too many times the primary keyword in an article.

This might surely gonna harm your page ranking. This is what the Google Panda was waiting to catch you and put your domain under penalty. Read Google Guideline about Keyword Stuffing.




When you see what Matt Cutts said about the concept of Keyword Stuffing,

Add a keyword to gain some ranking. Keep adding keywords have not been many benefits once you ranked. Still, keep on adding keywords, you will start to lose ranking.

My suggestion in writing an article to stay safe from Keyword stuffing:

  • Write lengthy deep information adding content. Say for example write 1500 words or more for an article. More lengthy posts, more chances to get ranking.
  • Limit the use of the long tail keyword in your contents, Keep a limit of less than 3 – 4Times only.
  • Maintain a Keyword Density not more than 1 – 2% of your entire content.
  • Write content for the people and not for the search engines.
  • Use LSI keywords while writing content.
  • Use keywords found on the bottom of the SERP pages while writing your article.


Method 5: Never Ask for Reciprocal links

This is the other SEO Techniques used by most of the SEO firms to gain popularity among the market to get more ranking.

This activity involves creating a large number of domains in a different niche and giving a reciprocal link from the sidebar or footer to their client site in terms to show the gain in the number of backlinks. This isn’t a healthy way to build backlinks.

Try building links inside the contents rather than Sidebar or Footer or through banner or display advertisements, as this won’t be counted for SEO.

Even I have been asked by many webmasters for reciprocal links, and I have not supported such requests. It will harm both of the sites.

If you want to build a backlink, balance the content with Rich information, User engagements, Passive voice link back texts and proper On-page SEO optimization.

Do not involve in the activity of asking for Reciprocal links from other blog webmasters. It won’t help your SEO in any way and it may count as a Bad backlink which leads to Google Penguin Penalty.



SEO is a long-term process and of course rules will change with every evolution. Yes, What worked yesterday, What was Good Yesterday will have no guarantee that will work today or do good to your site.

As a webmaster, you should update yourself with the latest trends. I have shared my findings through this article, I am sure it will help some Webmasters.

Stop practicing Gimmicks to rank higher in SERP results because you will get caught any time and cease to extinct.

SEO never dies but evolves every day with new changes and new SEO techniques. If you want to survive you should adopt changes.

Let me know what are all the things that may hurt your ranking? SO that it will help someone.

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