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Important Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Today?

#1. Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging?

Understand the reasons, why blogging was the most successful business online?

Hello everyone, I am so glad to meet you all here!

Welcome STAGE #1, it consists of 6 different phase to pass through your first course. I will explain every necessary step to start a blog and make it run smoothly and successfully. Why because it was my present and going to be my future. I started this blog to learn new things and share with others.

But by the days moving, I put in some serious efforts and turned my passion into the business. I don’t want to divert the topic, and so we will back again on the track.Let me start with the Introduction and Basic notes to refresh your mind.

Start Blogging

What is Blogging?

A blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on writing informative content around the subject to which it started? You can start a blog for any purpose, and on any subject, in technical, we say niche.

Blogs are of two types:

General Blog: Here, you can write anything about a different subject and not purposely blog for making money.

Niche Blog: Here, you can write everything on only one subject, and purposely meant to make money.

This is a big subject, and we will go reading further in the context of this article.

Why do People Start a Blog?

There are so many reasons to start a blog. Some of them are:

I am motivated: Haha, this is something embarrassing, but actually, Yes, I was motivated because of my brother. After seeing his success in his life.

Work from home: Who doesn’t like the taste of mango juice? Yes, who doesn’t want to make money from the comfort of their home?

Own Business: Yes, Blogging is like a business. And business does not only mean to be a product manufacturing, and selling on the market.

Important Things in Starting a Blog

Here comes the actual part of this course where we are going to discuss the different phase on this stage #1.

It includes,

Phase #1: Set your goal

Phase #2: Decide your passion

Phase #3: Aim higher on every stage

Phase #4: Prepare yourself

Phase #5: Prepare a blueprint

Phase #6: Time management

Phase #7: Align with the trend

When completing all these phases, you will come up with a solid idea of your blogging business.

Phase 1: Set Your Goal

Set the Goal

Do you have a dream?


So, you have a Goal.

Goals are often an essential thing to achieve success because Goals keep you focused and motivated. Without blogging goals, you will run your blog with no ultimate aim, and insane will go down the path in where you actually planned to travel.

Let us assume, your ultimate Goal in starting a blog was to Make Money Online. Of course, it’s my goal and I can say it’s my aim, of earning a Six Digit Income every month from blogging.

  1. Do you think it will happen overnight?
  2. Do you think it was an automated process?

No, absolutely not, you need to work, work, work again to achieve solid success.

The three most effective tips to set your goals were,

1.1. Think what you can

1.2. Start with a single step

1.3. Mark your deadlines

1.1. Think what you can?

Earlier I said my aim was to earn a six-figure income every month through blogging. Do I know, whether I am ample to play safe with this fixed goal.

There are a lot of factors in determining your goal. Thus, knowing what you can accomplish? What you can do? Is more important in your business.

You can’t reach the height of the success very sooner after you start the business, it takes time. Do smaller things first you can complete easily.

1.2.  Start with a single step:

The miles of the journey starts from a single step.

Blogging is a journey, and it starts from the very first step called choosing the niche. Yes, without choosing the niche, how you can start the blog? What you work in there?

So, learn this article further to get the beginning steps to walk forward in your blogging career.

1.3. Mark your deadlines:

This is very important, because, you started a blog with a goal to make an income every month. But when you make it possible? Over the next month or might be after another two months? Still no, ok, at least within a year?

Every business always puts a timeline and deadlines for every assigned task and this was the secret for their growth. So, while you set your goals, it should consist of a decent volume of smaller goals that can be achieved very easily.

Be realistic and flexible in defining your deadlines, but if you succeed, you will be energized. Setting an unrealistic goal may become failed to cause you to quit from moving further.


Goal Setting is the first important step in Starting a blogging career.

Follow the three main aspirants of Goal Setting – Think what you can? | Start from a single step | Set deadlines.

Write in your Blogging Diary defining your Goal Setting Process.

Phase 2 - Decide Your Passion

Follow Your Passion

You have a Goal now – Financial freedom – To be achieved via Blogging.

That’s a nice decision. Do you know that you can start blogging on many different topics of your interest? The different types are – Niche Blogging, Fashion Blogging, News Blogging, Make money blogging, and so and so. You are not a master in all these industries. So, in this concern, you should walk with your passion. It is the Driving Force for your blogging career.

Running a successful blog is not an easy task, it is full of challenge, pressure, and hard work. I have experienced a lot because my brother just showed me to travel but never taught me how to travel? What I taught was, run behind your passion and money will come on your way by itself.

So, after you set your Goal, decide your passion. Travel with your passion because you cannot continue doing things that you never known before or entirely newer to try. It will often give you less success. For God Sake, if there is a huge financial potential in the niche you are passionate about then that is good.

Or, if you have the interest to learn things on the niche, then you can proceed but it requires your double effort.

Don’t do a blog just for money. Do it for passion?

Start your blog only on the niche if you are passionate about or well-known or having a true interest to learn and gather knowledge.


Have your goals set up? Decide your passion.

If you are interested in Games, then start a sports blog. Similarly, if you are interested in Photography, start a Photo-selling blog.

Passion means, an inside driving force from your heart that overcomes your fear, stubbornness, and helplessness.

Phase 3 - Aim Higher on Every Stage

Aim Higher

You have started a blog and make it run successfully. But do not stop. Because the world is changing every day, and your blog should adapt to the changes to survive.

My goal is achieving a Six-Figure Income. One fine day, I will surely be there. But will I stop there? No, I have to move on to make passive income for the long term.

Blogging is not just putting some money, registering a domain name, writing some content, and thinking rest is an automated process.

It needs your involvement in every actionable part, such as Branding, Marketing, Customer Relationship managing, etc. Maintaining name, trust, loyalty is the greatest assets in every business where we can yield revenue.

So once you have achieved your goal, do not settle back. Always aim higher or something newer. Always keep your time busy working for new outcomes.

Make sure to have your physical and mental strength to support your career.

Phase 4 - Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself

You have Goals, Passion and so started a blog. Will you think someone will work on your behalf?

   Do you think you can enjoy the taste of the fruit?

   No, you are the one who is completely responsible for all tasks.

   Scout Motto: BE PREPARED.

Same as you do blogging, always prepare for anything and everything.You should be financially strong with all resources and kinds of literature.

4.1. Finance

Starting a blog requires some investment. There is no absolute freedom in any place. If you are going to start for free, then it is not a proper business.

You have a goal to meet, and it can be achieved, if you are start blogging as a business. If you are a job goer, then you should read my PHASE 6 - time management.

You should be able to arrange the required finances in advance for at least some X months because success in blogging does not happen overnight.

If your family does not support you, try borrowing a loan from your friend or any financial agencies or banks, to cover up your expenses.

Be cautious in your expenses and do not purchase all the software available on the market. So, plan your finances and prepare yourself.


4.2. Utilize Resources

The term resources I mean here were, Ebooks, Articles, Guides, Tutorials from the industry leaders, and influencers.

You are not going to do any new task because when you Google, you will a find a lot of blogging millionaires.

All of them have their own goals and the passion that gave them success. So once you are aligned with your goals and passion, search Google to collect as much as resources to learn.

LEARNING is the FIRST STEP before experiencing. If you are not making mistakes, then you are not learning and/or trying new things.

Phase 5- Prepare a Blueprint

You should not run into doing things practically without learning or gaining knowledge. If you do so, you will fail often, thus leading to quitting your blogging.

So, prepare a blueprint, a model, or a preliminary version of your go-to-actions. Start your works based on the datasheet that you prepared for your blogging.

Your blueprint must include all tasks, activities to perform daily, weekly, and monthly. It also includes your progressive graph (defining your goals).

  1. Everyday Task: Doing Social promotions, Learning new resources, and writing new content, performing SEO activities, etc.
  2. Weekly Task: Blog commenting, Link Building, Social Branding, etc.
  3. Monthly Task: Post re-editing, updating, modifying, design optimization, etc.

Once you have your blueprint in hand, it will be easier to start working on your model.

Phase 6 - Time Management

Time management

Time is precious, particularly when it comes to running a small business online or offline. One day has 24Hrs, and mostly we spend 1/3Rd of our time sleeping. Other one-third for travel and the last part of the one-third for the Job.

But now, you have decided to start a blogging business. So you should spend every minute of your time with focus and purpose.
You don’t have any previous experience, but of course, you should like to experience it now.

Focus on doing things that engage yourself in activities that support achieving your goals.

Your daily plan should be scheduled around the tasks and activities reflecting your business growth and generating income.

If you are a Job Goer, then you should borrow some time from all the three parts of every 24hrs and spend on things prioritizing to your business wisely.

First things first, a complete task that must be done right away. Like new article writing, content updating, a daily task such as social sharing, etc.

A little progress every day makes up for the big things.

Eliminating distractions is a vital part of time management. You should be able to track and take down things that interrupt you while doing tasks.

Social media, home location, smartphones, and neighbors also contribute to your distraction factors and you should find a way to avoid these as much as possible as you can.

Take of yourself and avoid Stress. Working with time puts you in a lot of trouble to complete scheduled tasks before the deadline.

This causes you to be put under stress. Stress Management is a vital part that makes you create healthier surroundings that help the successful running of your blogging business.

Good Sound Sleep, meditation, and exercise will help you to tackle stress management very effectively. Keep yourself physically healthier and morally stronger.

Phase 7 - Align with Trend

Every business needs to align with the latest trend such as including market, industry, and technology.

Once were the days where only techies can able to start a blog (those who were sound in Web Designing software’s such as HTML, PHP, CSS).

But now, the trend has changed, and with the invention of the Content Management System (CMS), that helps to make blogging easier for even newbies with simple drag and drop functions.

Designing, launching, and managing a blog becomes easier nowadays with WordPress, Blogger’s blog, etc.

Next, concentrating and updating you on the market. Every business was started for a specifically targeted group of people, purposely called targeted audiences.

Finding your target audiences is an art, and if you failed to succeed in this, you are wasting time on the stuff you perform.

If you don’t know your audience, you cannot able to come up with the proper content for your blog (or) able to choose the right product for sale.

As said earlier, passion is the driving force to start a blog. Passion helps you discover your audiences too. Yes, you will come up with yourself when you decide your passion.

You developed a blog with CMS, and have audiences to focus on. But how you are going to reach them will be determined by the different technologies you use.

We will discuss this technology part in detail on our Second Stage of starting a successful blog.

Here is a precise note, technology comes into play, and those were the fastest, redundant hosting that helps your blog available to access anytime.

Efficient CMS and supporting plugins that help to present your blog perfectly, user-friendly.

All these play a vital role in your successful blogging era, and you should update yourself to the latest trend unless you will end-up quitting things.

Productive Plans of Blogging

Once you have all the necessary information, to do list, kinds of literature, and then when you are ready both physically and mentally, it’s time to start the action.

Ready, Steady, Action.

I have actually separated this starting process into various stages, and you can access all these for free. Yes, no charge for this.



What makes a successful blog will be determined by you, and you are the only responsible person for this business. Actually, when you search Google, you will find lots of articles for “start blogging”.

But mine is entirely different because you should treat your blog as your Internet Friend. Respect it, admit it, and love it to get success.

Many bloggers say about the remote part of the blogging, but not about the one that operates the blog.

It’s necessary to be fit yourself before starting anything newer.

Hope for the best.

With Love and Regards,

Priya Gurumurthy.

Blogger, SEO analyst, Admin at SEO Blogging Tricks.


In the next phase of action, we will discuss the technical aspects of starting a blog

Q & A Section

Now, take your Blogging Handbook, and write down these questions. Be genuine in answering these questions to help you move to the next stage. You should arrange a handbook for writing all the important pieces of information and other notes for reference.  Keep this handbook every day in your blogging business, because without a written business plan success will be looking a long way.

Que 01: What is your Blogging Goal? Brief your short-term goal, long-term goal, and Explain why?

Ans 01:

Que 02: What is your Passion? Interested industry?

Ans 02:

Que 03: Have you arranged the necessary finances and kinds of literature?

Ans 03:

Que 04: Have you drawn a Blueprint?

Ans 04:

Que 05: Have you prepared the working time chart? Time for daily tasks, weekly task schedule, monthly task schedule, etc.

Ans 05:

Que 06: Gained knowledge about Word Press, Blogger’s Blog, CMS systems?

Ans 06: