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How to Promote Your Blog: A Perfect Marketing Plan 2019


How to Promote Your Blog? A Perfect Marketing Plan 2019

Learn the different marketing strategies for your Blog promotion

In this stage, we will discuss different strategies for Blog Promotion that includes different activities to drive traffic to your blog.

You started a blog, written killer contents and published.

Do you think that your blog will be flooded with people every day?

Do you think you can make the dream of earning Six Figure Income every month?

Do you think you can easily become a pro-active blogger in your niche?

Of course, the answer was, “A Big NO”. (Next Opportunity)

Then, what should I do to make it all happen?

You need to prepare a promotional marketing plan for your blog and start doing it on a regular basis.

Even if you have written very high quality, informative articles on your blog, without promoting in the right way, all your hard work will never give success.


Promote your blog


You have to bring (or drive) traffic to your blog to make money by converting your visitors into customers or buyers.

When you analyze every successful business, a strong marketing plan was the backbone of their success that describes the proper plan of action to perform in the near future.

Blog Promotion Plan includes the current state of your blog, your target audiences, resources, tips and guides to lay a roadmap to reach your success.

It also includes your competitor’s list, their marketing style, and audience reaching activities, etc.

A proper marketing plan also helps you identify your long-term and short-term goals, helps you stay focused on track to reach your goals.

Let’s dive into the actual phase on this stage and discuss various sources and means of different promotional plans to raise your blog traffic.



To get into this phase further, first I want to confirm you that you have to completely undergone a DIY guide at Stage #1.

Because your market will be defined by your passionate niche.

  • What is your current blogging niche?
  • What is your blogging purpose? Selling a product or services (or) a source of information.
  • Define the target audience.

Now, in your Blogging Handbook, write down the answers to these questions, let you define your market.

Every blog target some particular group of audiences and when you analyze their blog, you will come to know how they optimized their blog to please their visitors.

Pleasing your visitors will get you high conversions and help your blog growth.



When you start a business, you are not the only one who is doing this business? There are already many achievers and business giants who reached their peak.

Some people have already begun their journey towards success, so there is a big competition in every industry and you should be ready to tackle.

After you define your audiences, you should involve yourself listing your competitors in your niche.

If not do have the list, first you should get into my article on Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research article where I have explained how to define your competitors?

After you prepared your Market Definition you need to identify your competitors because you need to know with whom you compete?

Your competitors could not be primarily other blogs and websites ranked for the same keyword. They can also be an indirect source such as Social Media influencer’s on Facebook, Twitter, Email marketer’s, etc.

Even, competitors may come from offline sources also. Particularly, this is most often related to Affiliate Marketing Business.

Track down their strength and weakness? Make their weakness your strength to tackle their competition and improve your web presence.

  • Do what they do to get visitors?
  • Understand what kind of contents are they publishing?
  • Act in between the gaps or opportunities your competitor’s left.



Normally you write a blog post for your blog and publish at a regular interval.

Writing a blog post and publishing on another blogger’s blog was called as Guest Blogging.

This is one of the often used Blog Promotion methods by many bloggers to drive potential traffic from other blogs related to your niche.

Also, Guest Posting will give you a quality backlink and also traffic for the long term.

Writing Guest Post will be beneficial if you do with care, but often doing without following Google’s guidelines will affect your blog adversely.

Learn why Guest Blogging is not beneficial anymore?

These methods are likely to increase traffic to your blog and also help with improving brand popularity.

Guest Posting will give a chance to other blog readers to visit your blog to know what you have unique in you?



This is another successful method of blog promotion to drive a decent volume of traffic to your blog.

Performing Blog commenting on your daily task schedule will help you come up with new blog post ideas on your blog.

The same action will help get more traffic and also a brand mention.

Yet, it also gives a chance of backlink but that was a no-follow link and will not pass any link juice to increase your page authority.

But you will get some referral traffic that helps increase your overall blog traffic.



Google to find the list of active forums on your niche and join them. Put your active participation by interacting with different people in your niche.

You can discuss any topic, ask questions and get answers from like-minded people, thus increase your knowledge and keep you updated with the trend.

Add a link to your blog in your forum signature and profile. Each time, when you post a new thread or reply a thread, your signature will be placed on your content and it will help to bring traffic.

It’s an indirect blog promotional strategy often gives you the volume of traffic but the quality is a question? But doesn’t matter as it will not impose an adverse effect.

Too much of anything is not good for everything.

Do this with limitation and leverage the volume of traffic, convert them into your buyers or customers.



Social Media Networking has grown on a very large scale. Basically, online networking was just started to connect people to share joy, emotions, pics, images, and other Media.

But later, most business people often used this media to establish and develop more new networks for their business purpose.

Open an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites, and then create a business page.

Share your blog post contents, join other social networking groups and participate with their activities will help you drive visitors.

There are so many other ways in Blog Promotion, but to be precise, I have listed some of the effective ways of Blog Marketing.

During the initial stage on your blog setup, this information can support you travel towards an achievement.

While with the days, learn every possibility to market your blog and drive the potential volume of visitors to make money.

Finally, I want to conclude this stage with Budget planning.



The money spent on Starting a blog was an affordable fact, but that’s not the same for Blog Promotion or Marketing strategy.

Keep your marketing plan under your budget so that it will not burn your hands and you can have enough funds for other areas.

The different sources where you need to spend money was,

  1. Pay for a content writer (or) hire a writer,
  2. Pay for SEO expert (or) opt for a freelance SEO,
  3. Hosting Server bills,
  4. Recurring bills on SEO Softwares and Word Press themes and plugin,
  5. Expenses on Digital Marketing.

You should add a budget column in your Blogging Handbook at your beginning stage.

Blogging will not give success overnight. It takes time and you need to be financially able to manage for at least 6 months to 1Year.


Don’t be SHY:

This is the most important part of the blogosphere to decide the success. As a blogger, you should always ready to establish new networks and develop a relationship with at least one new people every day.

Don’t shy or Don’t afraid of conversations, just say HI and start the conversation.

Be friendly, be polite, be honest. Speak out, show your thoughts and let the share with you.

Hope you had the best time to get a wonderful lecture on the Blog Promotion Strategy. This information surely teaches you how to promote your blog at your beginning?


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Blogging Handbook

Now, take your Blogging Handbook, and write down these questions. Be genuine in answering these questions to help you move to next stage.

You should arrange a handbook to writing all the important pieces of information and other notes for reference.

Keep this handbook every day in your blogging business, because without written business plan success will be looking a long way.

Que 23: Who were your target audiences? Their demographic location, age group. (as already in last stage – Content marketing strategy -)

Ans 23:

Que 24: Have you prepared the list of competitors, their daily activities and their source of traffic generating method?

Ans 24:

Que 25: Prepare a schedule for Guest Posting frequency. Plan for daily blog commenting, forum participation, social media promotion etc.

Ans 25:

Que 26: How many new people you met today via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus?

Ans 26:


Marketing a blog is not just selling something or sharing something about a topic. It’s a communication channel between a friend to a friend, to discuss, to interact and share knowledge about something.

If you come to a new product or services in the market that’s doing really well, then you can write a post and publish in your blog.

Write useful, quality post by telling them all the needy part like how to use? How to setup? How to purchase? Etc.

You should really speak with them through your content so that there you get high conversions.