Create Backlinks: Other ways to build quality backlinks

Link Building is the most important thing in Blog Success, there are so many other ways to create backlinks, see now

In this article, I am going to share a few other possible ways to create backlinks for your blog. Backlinks are the most important factor in SEO that influences the ranking of a blog.

Creating backlinks is like climbing a mountain without any guarantee. The reason why many webmasters and SEOs do link building method as one of the main tasks in their SEO Campaign.


Create Backlinks


You can’t build a blog or a website, where people can find you. It’s your responsibility to lay a proper way to find yourself on the Internet.

You need to have a word about your site over the Internet so that people can find you. One way to get a word out used to be through creating backlinks for your blog or website.


Why Do you Want to Create Backlinks?

When you start a new blog with the greatest motivation to earn money from your blog. But, do you know starting a blog is easier but running for the long term is the biggest task.

Your blog needs traffic to get it converted to earn money in either possible ways of blog monetization. But, imagine if your blog does not have any visitors, what you will do with it?

There are many guides and online tools available to help you with link building process for your blog page or website. I am not going to tell you anything newer but my advice is something newer.

Why should you go the same way along with the crowd? Try something new to reach the destination and look back at the crowd Yes, you will thank me later for this sentence.

Ok, we shall get into the subject now, where I am going to explain to you about other ways of creating backlinks that help your blog to rank better.

You might be amazed to see these ways can effectively help you build backlinks.


1. Image Link Building

The title sounds interesting huh? Well, I was too surprised at the beginning when I was into research.

Later I came to realize that images can really help you to create backlinks of high quality.

This can be done very easily and it takes a minimum of time. You need to give time specifically for link building task every day to let your blog grow more.


1.1. Reverse Image Search

This is quite common rarely used technique by many webmasters and bloggers.

Normally, people are focusing on creating links by writing and publishing new content and practicing an effective outreach program.

Sometimes you may get the expected results and sometimes you won’t. This makes you feel exhausted and out ramped.

But, you should be missing one important thing.

IMAGES often speak more than 1000 words can say.

If you admit it, then you will come to know the importance of this technique of link building.

a.) Whenever you write a new blog post, you will add an image, either you create by yourself or hired some graphic designer to put your best effort. Is it so?

b.) Now, go to Google, and use your image URL, conduct a reverse image search. You may see other websites using your image.

c.) Contact the webmaster or the blog owner of the site that using your image and ask them to link back to your article.

It’s your image, and you deserve to ask for a backlink. Write an Email and send it to the webmaster. Be polite, friendly, and appreciate their work first, later mention the context of the email.


1.2. Premium Images to Bloggers

If you are good at graphic designing this technique surely help you bring quality backlink. Whenever you publish a new post, earlier I said, you will add an image to add more value.

You can design a similar image on the same topic because you can find other bloggers who may have written on the same topic but they don’t have quality images as you do.

Your target was those who have articles in the same niche but don’t have quality images.

You can either sell them images or offer them for free, asking for a backlink as a token of gratitude.


2. E-mail Marketing

You may end up with a question How Email marketing helps you build a link for your blog? What I say is, YES! It’s a very useful method in link building.

Writing an email and sending it to your niche industry influencers will help a lot.


2.1. Introduce Yourself

It is often, the first step in building a relationship that will pay you later.

Just write a simple email, introduce yourself and your concern about the blog. Appreciate their work and let the blog owner know that you are going to follow the blog.


2.2. Send a Link Request Email

The first email you sent may have created a nice thought over yourself. Now, send the same blog owner about your best blog post and let the content of your post speak.

So, what is the result of sending this email?

Either one of the two things will happen: The blog owner may become your reader or you will get a backlink to your post.

The first two strategies will surely give you the desired result.

If both techniques do not yield any results, you can follow the further action plan.


2.3. Mention the Blog

Yes, you write and publish a blog post, where you mention the blog. After that, write an email to the blog owner in a way that you are really a fan that pulled you to give a link to their post.

This is a big step in getting closer to directly asking for a backlink and a high chance of getting a positive response.

Even, you can mention the part of their blog, where your content could do more assistance to their audiences?


2.4. Ask Directly

Keep this as a last option, I mean asking directly for a backlink. There is nothing wrong with asking directly for a backlink, but you should perform this approach as a last option.

Why because usually, webmasters trash these kinds of Emails thinking of no value to them. Write artistically, politely, and gently asking for a link back without spamming their inbox.

Summing UP

  • This method of building backlinks will consume more time but this strategy helps you build high-quality backlinks from trusted sources and authoritative sites.
  • Keep at least a week gap between each next move because it will create an impression of spam.
  • Always track your actions to drive potential results. Create a spreadsheet and detail every email you send, including the recipient’s name, blog name, email address, date sent, content.
  • Update whether you received a reply or still no response.
  • Pay more attention to positive responses, because building a relationship is stronger than helps to create backlinks.


3. Enabling Browser Notifications

You may be surprised to hear this, the method will help you create backlinks. Yes, of course. There are tools such as Push Engage, etc that will do the work for you. Create an account and get the code to install on your blog.

So, whenever a user loads your site on their browser, it will ask for a subscription.

If your content speaks more, you will get more subscriptions.

In the above task, in your emailing campaign, you are sending emails to the influencers in your niche.

There is no way they will subscribe to your browser notifications too. When you send a new push notification it will be shown to all the subscriber’s browser.

This will help in getting to hear your new blog post every time and thus will increase the chance of getting backlinks.

Yes, if your new content interested them they may give a link back to your blog content or else you will get more traffic often.

Even, I can say bookmarking is a kind of no-follow backlink because it helps you with return traffic every day.

Recommended Tools

1.) Push Engage

2.) One Signal


4. Running AdWords

Do you know running a PPC/Adwords campaign can help you get backlinks for your blog? But, the links from PPC/Adwords are “nofollow” which means you won’t get link juice but a backlink.

It will help you get some more traffic for your blog. It’s a paid method to drive traffic to your blog.

This method often not suitable for all blogs from all categories. The most suitable blog is that offer premium services or e-commerce sites can be benefitted from this kind of link building strategy.

This method can be useful for advertisers who have products o services to sell.

Read How to boost your SEO with Google Adwords at Webconfs.


5. Asking Another Blog for Advertising Options (Banner ADs, or Text Ads)

This should often help you with generating backlinks for your blog. Reach out to the topmost bloggers and webmasters in your niche.

Ask for a site-wide linking through banner or text ads, and if possible ask for links inside the article.

Most blogs have an advertiser’s section on their blog, and we can use the opportunity to build backlinks.

You will get only “NoFollow” backlinks through this method, but never mind it won’t affect your SEO but helps you instead.

i.) Take an example, one blog owner in his advertiser’s page says that, one ad of 728 x 90Banner will cost $100 per 30days.

ii.) Analyze the blog, research their traffic stat, and calculate the return on investment. If that’s affordable you can go ahead with this method to create backlinks.

iii.) Yes, $100 every month is not a big deal if you advertise on a blog having a Domain Authority and Page Authority more than 40.


Other ways of creating backlinks:

In my previous articles, 16 Killer ways to earn high-quality backlinks, I have explained the most outcome of my research.

I started my blog with almost zero traffic because this is my first project. I have a mentor, not to reveal who’s that now? But one day for sure I will let you all know who’s behind my success.

Every day, I gained some experience and learned many online resources that teach me to build backlinks.

  1. Broken Link Method
  2. Infographic Link building technique
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Competitive Analysis
  5. Internal link building
  6. Promoting your content socially
  7. Testimonial writing strategy
  8. Connecting with Journalists
  9. Blog commenting

There are so many methods available and you should show your expertise in all areas to get the best results to stand out from the rest.


So far so good.

There’s no doubt about it, getting a quality backlink is one of the best tactics followed by many webmasters and blog owners to rank their blog on the top of search results.

It is not easy and can be achieved in any shorter period. Creating backlinks is a continuous process and it requires time with constant effort.

What worked for you yesterday will not support you today? Keep updated with the latest trend in link building strategies and continue your best ranking campaign as far as possible.

If you find this post useful, do a favor by sharing this post. Let me know your suggestions, changes through comments. I am always open to discussion.

Create Backlink – Build trust – Rank better, Happy Blogging.

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