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9 Smart Ways to Become a Successful Blogger in 2019


9 Smart Ways to Become a Successful Blogger in 2019

A successful blogging happens when executing these bits of advice properly.

Oola, You have completed the task of creating the blog. Here, at this stage, I want you to let know how to become a successful blogger?

Lots of people are trying to earn money online but only some people are achieving success. So many reasons are there, but one of the most important causes is the lack of patience and not interested to learn the system.

Blogging is one of the biggest careers that surely make you achieve success if you are ready to put lots of hard work and effort.

Here, I list some of the skills that are needed to be a successful blogger.

You have successfully completed all the stages of my fast track course and probably you have most answers to the questions I asked?

If you have the answer’s, you are ready for the travel.

How most bloggers make thousands of dollars every month is because of their dedication and passion on the blog. They took it seriously and worked every single minute on their blog.


Now let’s see some of the important tips and advice that transform you to become a successful blogger.

1.) Improve Writing Skills

2.) Consistency in doing Task

3.) Concentrate on one channel

4.) Engage your audience

5.) Write for other blogs in your niche

7.) Personalize your blog

7.) Put your hard work

8.) Learn from the mistakes

9.) Success Takes Time

Successful Blogger

1.) Improve Writing Skills

When you plan to start blogging, you must be ready to write contents. You should learn the art of writing skills by using various resources.

It’s the first qualification to become a blogger. It’s not necessary to be a professional writer during your early blogging stages, but you should learn how to reach the stage of a professional writer?

You need to learn lots of books, articles, and other blogs to improve your English grammar and writing skills.

Love what you write by developing your writing skills and focus on solving user queries and write for their needs.

Spend an hour or two every day and write everything that comes to your mind. You have the wonderful tool, Evernote where you can organize your contents and use them whenever needed.


2.) Consistency in Doing Task

There are many tasks included in blogging like, keyword researching, content writing, content publishing, performing SEO and so on.

I need to mention an important thing of consistent work, and that is Posting Schedule. Yes, I saw many bloggers often publish a number of new contents every day.

Some blogs even publish more than 100articles in just a week. But this will not create a healthy environment for your audiences.

Post only one post a week of very high quality and lengthy article with added resources, stat, and media such as Images, Graphs, Videos, etc.

This will cover more audiences in your organization and give a way to know what you publish? When you publish?

The quantity of the content will not be useful but it creates a hectic process of managing those posts.

Often, repeat the task of publishing one or two high-quality posts every week and this routine helps you create loyal readers because they know when you publish?


3.) Concentrate on one channel

It’s beneficial to promote your blog on various social media sites and other form of promotional strategies.

But, it’s more effective to concentrate on only one or two channels, like Facebook and Twitter only.

This will give your audience a chance to have your presence for them in need. If you can remember what I said at the beginning, Blogging is your online face.

You should speak to your audience through your blog and give life to it, to get it run through the years.

So, narrow your concentration on a particular social media, build authority and stand out of the crowd.

Normally, all the blogs have a comment section where the readers or visitors can share their knowledge or ask their queries.

Be consistent to answer all the comments timely to create a healthy environment for your blog.

This will help your visitors to come back every day to learn something newer. Establish a good communication channel between you and your blog readers always.


4.) Engage your audience

Content writing is an art and it was not just writing something on some topic at some length.

You should speak to your audience through your blog, talk to them to know what they need? What they want? And provide a solution for them.

You can add live chat support (or) be more active in replying comments and other forms of engagements like replying emails etc.

Social media is not the only source to engage with your audience, but you can try these alternative ways also – Through surveys, emails, and polls, etc.

In any way, when a visitor comes to your blog, you should create a feeling that your real presence was there on the blog.


5.) Write for other blogs in your niche

Don’t be selfish, be helpful, and be meaningful.

Writing blog posts and publish on your own blog isn’t the way to become a successful blogger.

Move out of your blog to visit other blogs and reach out to those audiences. Find what their needs? Find new opportunities to write contents on other blogs in your niche.

This will help you improve your branding, and also drive potential traffic to your blog from other authoritative blogs.

This will also help to get do-follow backlinks that increase trust and authority from other blogs.


6.) Personalize your blog:

The blog is your Online Home and you should welcome all your visitors with care and provide them with necessary hospitality.

When they first come to your site, you welcome them with please and let them know exactly what you are going to share with them.

Place proper navigation to guide them to proper places so that they can be loaded with all the necessary information they want.

Eventually, this helps increasing user on time and decreased bounce rate on your blog. Finally, an overall increase in ranking.


7.) Put your hard work

t people think starting a blog is easy. Just start writing contents and publishing frequently and sharing on your social media does not bring you all the success.

You need to work hard is the basic requirement to become a successful blogger. You need to work day and night, come out from your comfort zone, to find new ideas, areas to work on improvements.

But I am not meant to put stress on yourself, enjoy what you are doing, but with more effort.

Use the time productively and find every new opportunity where you can use it for your blog.

Work Smartly and be pro-active to stay distinctive.


8.) Learn from the mistakes

It’s quite often to make mistakes at your beginning stages, but instead of making mistakes, learn from the mistakes.

Some years ago, the Internet was not developed well and at the time the blogger’s who started newly struggled a lot.

But, now there no fear of finding resources, guides, tips, and tutorials to start a successful blog.

Also, people are quite clever in these days, you must remember that your mistake is the stepping stone to success to another blogger.

Before you identify the mistake, your competitor will leave you far behind him/her. So rather don’t take risks by doing mistakes and start learning everything before launching your blog.


9.) Success Takes Time

The blogging success will not happen overnight and it takes time and dedicated effort.

When you publish your first blog post, you cannot think that visitors will flood your blog and you will get success.

First, you need to publish the post, optimize it, and promote it using various the blog promoting methods.

Have to perform a lot of A/B testing in marketing to drive visitors from Social Media, Email, and other referral sources.

It’s a time-consuming process and you should schedule your routine activities just focusing on your blog engagement.

When users start visiting your blog and once you started engaging with them, the moment your blog starts rising up.

It will take almost 6 months – 1 year to get something from your blog. Until you need to work with patience and dedication.


Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of principles framed by different influencers from time to time and based on their experience they may lead you on their way.

You should stick with one method and lay a track to put your work in focus and consistency.

Do not try more than one way at a single time or follow more influencers because you will end up nothing.

The one biggest secret to being successful in blogging is, to starting working on your passion, focus on your destination, put your hard work towards success.

Do not start the Blog just for money, even money is our destination, but work for achieving a position.

Later money comes from its own way.

Small Steps every day adds up to the biggest results.